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As students, staff, or faculty encounter IT related issues they will need assistance. We outline the response time for the different types of assistance, as well as, helps set expectations for turn-around time.

A response is a communication you receive on items emailed to Resolution occurs when the issue emailed to has been satisfied and no longer a problem.

You will receive an initial response within 1 to 2 business days. However, during the start of a semester, the initial response may be 1-4 business days.

Your email will become a helpdesk ticket. The helpdesk ticket will become a task for the SAU CIT to assign resources to and work on.

Issue priorities are used to determine the urgency of items submitted to There are 3 priority levels, Low, Medium, and High.

Priority Levels

High: Items reported that affect the ability of a student, staff or faculty member to do their job or interact with a professor. Example: A staff computer that does not turn on would be, high priority.

Medium: Items reported that affect a single system a student, staff or faculty member may use but not all. Example: A student that can access CAMS and email but cannot access Blackboard would be, medium priority.

Low: Items reported that are projects or do not affect systems used by students, staff, or faculty directly. Hardware or software installation, or public use computer issues, or personal computer issues, or personal use software/websites would be considered, low priority. Example: A lab computer that doesn’t boot would be, low priority.

Issue categories are used to classify items emailed to so that we may report on issues submitted and assign appropriate resources.

While we can give goals for resolution, not every issue received will be resolved within that time frame due to circumstances beyond our control. Resolution time is based on the ticket category and priority. Please keep in mind that during semester starts these goals will flex based on demand. Please keep in mind that during semester starts, these goals will flex based on demand.

Resolution time goals:
(does not include weekends)


(within timeframe below)

High priority 24 hours after initial response
Medium priority 72 hours after initial response
User Account category 24 hours after request made
CAMS category 48 hours after initial response
Great Plains category 72 hours after initial response
Phone category 48 hours after initial response
Network category 5 days after initial response
End User Support category 48 hours after initial response
Maintenance category 10 days after initial response
Low priority 15 days after initial response

Please know we are here to serve and have finite resources to do so. Every effort is made to resolve issues as soon as possible and within reason. Should you feel we have not lived up to our commitment to serve, please use the complaint form located on the SAU’s website.

No, you should not tell them your issue. Instead, please email support. To meet our resolution goal on issues, we have to work on items as received and based on category/priority. To interrupt someone in the middle of a task will further delay resolution on your issue as well as the issue they are currently assigned. Data from reported tickets is used to plan for support resources, to identify training needs, as well as, to identify process improvement opportunities. This data is also used to see if we are meeting our targeted resolution goals.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to offer first response phone support. This is under review for future semesters.

Faculty and Staff accounts are created once HR has completed their process and notifies IT. Accounts are created within 24 hours of received notice from HR.

Student accounts are created one the student has courses in the system.

Note: This process has been reviewed and is being adjusted for future semesters


CIT provides both phone and voicemail services for faculty and staff.

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